Straight on till morning

by Wob

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Cradled 02:52
Today, she's gone She's flying so high Far away from me Sitting safe within my house I can hear the wind and rain Beating on my window Now you've gone I'll stay wrapped in my cocoon As you're watching your TV In your corner of the world There are ghosts round here Knocking on my door I won't let them in They can stay outside It's already cold enough in here I stay cradled in my room While you take on the world Lyrics © Wob
Hopeless 03:52
If I told you that I missed you Would you say you missed me too? Would we feel safe with each other? And maybe end up feeling used If at any time you want to leave Just turn around and find the door But we can hold on now Until the time comes round to go If it isn't me Then it might as well be you That tells it how it is Not how we wished that it would be We both so desperately wanted Everything to be just right So hopeless at talking to each other And explaining how we feel We've got different ways of dealing With the problems that we face You can talk them out I write them down But when a candle burns so brightly What else is there to say? I hope it doesn't hurt you When you read this Lyrics © Wob
Butterfly 03:57
When you turn around Will we still be behind you? We don't know The splintered fragments of a smile Cut across your mouth Even now Every time that you come round You're a different colour now You change so much Double dealing in your life As common as the little white lies You tell The smeared lipstick on your emotions Hides the feelings inside But even so You fly so high Never come down Afraid of what You'll find on the ground Everything is changing You're so easily led You cannot be everything That flits in front of your eyes There is very little of yourself In your conversation There's no need to be So cool all the time Use your own imagination Lyrics © Wob
Berlin 02:31
I've returned to Berlin Six and a half years After my first time Whilst driving here to play I felt a ghost It's years since I've driven this road Although it's changed so much I know it all I'm behind the place Where we first met here I drink the beer That spells your name I can feel your presence so close That I'm expecting you To come and see me play I've no idea where you are But I can feel you now Walking eastern streets I can smell the winter Even though it's June Flying sparks and telephones Freezing flats Warmed up by stones Full house We turned around to leave You turned around to leave I turn around and leave Lyrics © Wob
Kite 04:24
Lift me up over your head Throw my like caution to the wind Lift me up over your head Like a kite on a string Let go and run away Leave me to fly through the air Taken by the wind You're so far away now I can't see you from here So come and fly with me Through this picture There's another kite Way off in the distance The paints are dried And the fixer's on But still it can change Take my string Pull me down Pull me back Lyrics © Wob
Culture-less 03:22
We pass like the clouds That go over the mountain Changing to move smoothly over The landscape that holds us below As we're blown by the wind That sees all But tells us of nothing We're lost to the words That it once had to say We twist and we turn Like the sycamore seed Spiralling down To collide with the ground But we don't have the power To take root and grow We like discarded stones Dislodged with ease Why does it all seem so fruitless? When all that we want Is to be one with everything It should be so easy But whenever we try It feels like we're losing control We're lost in a maze Of concrete and stone Dragging our feet in the dirt Being numbed by the noise The racing of life Is too quick to take in All the signs That are there to be seen But are getting ignored Why does it all seem so fruitless? When all that we want Is to be one with everything It should be so easy But whenever we try It feels like we're losing A part of ourselves As we leave things behind We're missing the contact That we once took for granted It's so hard to find something Lost for so long Its essence is blown By this culture-less wind You can just catch sight Just catch a sound Can't quite grab hold And if feels like We're losing control Lyrics © Wob
I've been kicking through leaves Churning memories Moving onwards But wanting to return Looking forwards But standing still Goodbye yesterdays It seems to be so hard To let go of innocence But we open up our arms To the moving on of time Behind the curtain there waits The child you used to be Always behind you on the street On the periphery Goodbye yesterday Tomorrow scares me I want to take your memory As far down as I can go And rise up into The big sun, big sky Without fear into Forever Standing on the cliffs Looking into the sea It looks so far down It shoots fear right through You can walk away or jump Turn away and hide I want to dive in But it scares me Lyrics © Wob
Fishing 02:19
Hey granddad Let's go fishing In the river At the bottom of the hill We'll make our rods Out of willow branches Line and worm tied to the ends We can sit In this glorious sunshine And wait for the fish to bite If they do We'll just throw them back But we'll be sitting here Side by side And we'll be fishing Even though We might catch nothing I'll be here with you I got so bored With computer games Anyway the boys Won't let me play So I'll sit here On the side of the river With you all afternoon I saw a trout Right there in the water It disappeared before my eyes It's probably somewhere Underneath the weeds Or where the river's so quick You can't quite see through it And hey, If we only catch minnows all day It doesn't really matter Because we're here Sharing the afternoon Me and you You and me Me and you Lyrics © Wob
New day 04:22
Cast off the ropes Let's take to the tide Leave everything That we once had behind Drift free of tethers And constricting ties With the wind in our sails And the sun in our eyes We've put out the fires Now the ashes have gone Blown by the wind That arose with the dawn The hearth is cold But our bellies are warm We're prepared for Whatever is ahead That's to come Moving on as seasons change It doesn't seem so far away Slowly things come into range Reach out of your dreams The hole you dug is too deep You did those things Because you were too weak Now you must find the strength For the next thing That comes into range Learn from the past And turn to face a new day Maybe in time The ocean will clean The dirt from the past That needs some release You keep it inside In the dark under key Out of sight Where no one can see Sometimes Maybe it's best to forget Some of the things That you can't amend They rise like fish Break the surface and smart Get rid of them So that we can be Heading into the unknown For us it is uncharted water But people have been here before You can hear of their experience But you learn from the first hand So dip in toes and dip in fingers Exorcise the ghosts that linger Hanging on to your shirt tails Lyrics © Wob
Nowadays 02:43
Some days it seems Like days disappear In the blinking of an eye You turn around just for a moment And they're gone Like summer nights When you were a child You'd close your eyes to sleep And the very next moment They're open again on a new day I don't know about you But I always wondered How did they go so fast? It seems like only a moment ago I was complaining About how I had to go to bed When there was still light in the sky And still playing time Out in the street Nowadays it seems as if It's the years That are now racing And the long grey days Drag on forever It's funny how it's changed Because the years Always seemed so long Now there's hardly time To settle into summer And then it's autumn Winter, spring Lyrics © Wob
Into you 02:59
There's a certain trepidation As we organise a meeting Far away from those we know They won't even know We're here As we talk I feel excitement Pouring through the telephone The sun is screaming In my window The summer's outside Clouds of indecision Are forming I can only say I'm tumbling Falling into you I don't know A single thing about you And I don't care We're both so scared About commitment Am I coming on too strong? Will I frighten you away? Before we've started So with careless abandon May I boldly say one thing? Let's forget the consequences And throw caution to the wind I'm so brave when you can't hear I go to pieces when you're near I can't help it Lyrics © Wob
Go well 03:23
You'll never wander Down these streets anymore The red brick corridors All turned Smoky grey Your light will never change It'll shine another day You can't extinguish A light so bright Like a forest fire Spreading from dry twig to limb Blown by the wind Touching everything Infectious to the last When the sorrow's passed You'll shine on Now you've gone You'll still shine here Like the sun on a spring day Breaking through the first mist And sparkling Off the restless ocean Blinding and touching And feeling warm Lay you down Even the sky cried Today the sorrows lifting Because the sun is shining Your life's wheel turned Your laugh goes on Never old We're all glad That you touched our lives Lyrics © Wob
Slipping 05:15
Mother can you feel How sluggish the blood is That runs through your veins How it clogs up your arteries Poisons your body And brings you closer To a stop Can you see how your garden Has been taken from you And turned into a place Of poison Stripped bare, torn down Disregarded, burnt, worn out Heated up, sucked dry Masticated and spat out We're walking on a tightrope We're living on the edge The ice is cracking beneath us And we're slipping in We're failing to learn Failing to listen Moving on with such speed We can't see What we've been missing Your flowers won't grow They've withered and died And the grass is so thin now The pond in the corner Has been starved of air And there's nothing Living there anymore Help us learn We're choking on the air We're burning from the sun We need to find some shade now But all the shade is gone We can't live on barren ground Mother won't you teach us To listen to your songs And to learn from your wisdom Lyrics © Wob


Recorded in Wales and London 1997/98
Produced by Wiggy
Originally released by Cycle Records


released January 1, 1998


all rights reserved



Wob Brighton, UK

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