Hope keeps us singing

by Wob

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Sunspeak 02:35
Sunspeak I woke with the sun Coming through my window Chasing the shadows That the moon Had chased before It fell across my face Rudely awakened But it was going to be A fine day I had to leave you behind In the place Where I close my eyes To get away from this Winter drag Mary they talk to me They tell me all about Their dreams, they're dreams Of you and fine days You came like a dream And now you've gone away No matter how hard I try I just can't seem to hear A single word that you say And now you're gone I can only assume That you're nearer the sun Than I'll ever be And now the rain is coming down Driving rivers in the road Soaking through Every layer to the skin But in the distance I can see Up there a crack Between the clouds Poking through There's a sunbeam
Hope keeps us singing We watch you turn away To hide the lie upon your face You're acting like it's the first time We've grown used over the years To not believing what we hear There are those that take it Sinker and hook line Hope Keeps us singing Hope keeps us believing Around the world we feel the same Stream of consciousness update Lets us know we're not alone That there comes a better That there comes a better day That there comes a better way That there is a safer place That there's someone Who wont lie straight to your face
Buckle up 02:01
Buckle up Better buckle up There's a rough ride coming Batten down hatches And keep your powder dry Better stay away From sharp tongues and matches There's a short fuse And they've got carrion eyes Lick your wounds Get up, regroup Draw your friends around you Turn and face Their magnanimity with grace And know that we Will keep on believing Better buckle up There's a rough tide coming They've forked tongues And carrion eyes
Something to me A change is coming over me Don't feel like I did yesterday You do something weird to me And I don't really mind I just like to hang around Watch you as you walk about Getting ready to go into town I could watch you all the time Hold on Please don't let me slip down Into the depths of insecurity I just can't believe That someone so beautiful Could feel this way about me Everytime you look my way I have far too much to say Just talking shit all day It must drive you crazy You make me nervous as a child On first nativity opening night Feel like I could die tonight Just lying in your arms
Monday morning When you come home Come home to us When you come home Come home to love Don't let them take All the love resilience and hope Don't let their hate Be the thing that we take from this Come on home
Sand 05:03
Sand Still got sand between my toes It reminds me of you And the awkwardness I felt Just talking It'll be the same next time Feeling lost inside ourselves So shy we've nothing to say But talking to everybody else Sea sparkles like a cathereine wheel Sunday night I'm going home I can't say goodbye We've been here before I can't tell you how I'm feeling Bashful glances all night long We can see it all without our glasses on It's amazing what a shield they make In the harsh light of the day Waiting for the other to speak As if there's no interest on this side Of the table What a stupid game we play Sea with Phosphorescent light hypnotises Les meduse They float upon the tide Jellyfish they scare me But you scare me more Eyes so deep I can't swim by No one hears me scream for help I can't speak a word of sense I want to be washed upon the sand To be found by you
Island 04:24
Island There's no chance Of getting closer We're much too far apart There's no chance Of getting nearer Lying here in the dark I suppose that this is real The unrelentless road Prepare yourself for it somehow And lifes heavy load They say that No man is an island But like ships we sail away The mist it clouds our passage Let's hope it clears By the light of day I suppose that this is it But it just can't be true How can this be all there is When we're so far from you They say that No man is an island But still we're oceans away Dreamimg of that place We'll return to one day I saw things so rare and beautiful And things I couldn't believe Still there's part of me there I don't think it will ever leave They say that No man is an island But I see the sails disappear The sun sets on the horizon And Cook he's left us here
Baton 04:20
Baton The Race is good The race is fun Pick up the baton And run It doesn't matter if you falter It doesn't matter if you fall Pick yourself back up Turn around and face them all They may laugh At your misfortune They may think they know What's best for you If they're hurtful with their jibing Incessantly poking fun Turn the other cheek Pick up the baton And run Even through the hard times Ploughing on against the flow When you know it's time to go It's time to go It's a long way To the finish line What's theirs might not be yours Might not be mine You could be ridiculed For trying to achieve The things you want When others left what they have left And can't remember what it was The race is good The race is fun Pick up the baton And run Sometimes it may be difficult With hazards to avoid You may lose sight Of the way at times But success is in the mind Keep ploughing on
Shadowlands 03:33
Shadowlands The last train to Paddington Is leaving now You sit and watch it go Small, frail, sad and alone On the steps as we shoot through From our vantage point Behind the sliding doors We see you wait on the steps As we leave But you must leave alone Even though I fall asleep on the train I think of you all the way home It seems strange that this might be The last time that I see you In this windless city And on these scorching streets Danger lurks in the shadows We left you to walk alone It shouldn't have to be That we worry for your safety But we left you on the steps Of Gloucester Road station Alone in a place We knew to be a danger You could just have been a stranger But you're not We should have walked you to your hotel We should never have let you go alone The thought of both of you on your own Far away from your home town Sorry, I hope you'll be alright
Ocean full of stars Trying to catch the rain Upon your tongue Holding on to clouds In the palm of you hands Reaching out for words When they've already flown Like dogs chasing crows Across the field Castles made of sand Hoping their walls will not yield Fishing in an ocean full of stars


released January 3, 2021


all rights reserved



Wob Brighton, UK

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