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Crash 04:38
Do you crash every time we talk? Do you see the wall? Are we driving too fast? 'Cause when you're gone you feel so close Like I could wrap my arms around you Do we plan the things we say? Or do they appear from nowhere? Are we trying to get off this speeding train? Like a horse's hoof beat, racing Across the sand along your beach It's so exhilirating but brings fear again When you're away are you feeling small? Or are you giddily jumping through the waves? We could collide like sea and shore Withdrawing when we've stayed too long Like a bird in the garden Singing out when the cat draws near We spread our wings We are frightened so we head for the trees Like a klaxon warns a ship Of land appearing through the mist We try to warn each other but maybe we can help Lyrics © Wob, 1999 Recorded at Lighthouse Studios, Weymouth, by Rick Hammond
Reflection 02:24
You appear and bring back all the old days All of the old faces all of the old places And all of the old names It seems so strange I've never seen your face before But you look so familiar Like looking in a window And seeing my reflection Maybe we are victims of periphery We all know the same people Been in the same places Most likely at the same time Here's to you And your eyes that promise everything We're no longer strangers We'll meet again Lyrics © Wob Recorded at Leyline Studios, London; Sept 1997
Kosovo 03:46
Take my rifle off the wall, dust it down And make sure the barrel's clear Find the shells I've fired At nothing but rabbits For more than fifty years Dig a trench outside the town Keep my head down and my eyes alert My body's old and aching I can't stop these hands from shaking As I prepare myself again Kiss my wife goodbye, she's holding out Making food for the rest of my old comrades We fought together, we farmed together Maybe we'll die together In the searing heat Of a dust filled day we wait For people half our age To come and take the place That we've lived in for years On a map that's probably older Than these ancient soldiers It says it's theirs They would clear us from our homes I'm not sure that these old bones Can take this again In the churchyard lie the victims Of the last war We remember it too well my friends and I We worked together, we laughed together Maybe we'll die Trying to save out homes The odds are stacked against us The young army's on its way We're too old; they'll be here sooner or later © Wob, 1999 Recorded at Lighthouse Studios, Weymouth, by Rick Hammond
Vanity 03:13
Dolphins 04:35
Somebody told me today Just to hold on a little bit longer But that's all that I seem to do And getting nowhere for it Walking the same road Wearing my boots out Constantly striving for something Not really sure if it even exists I guess it's not the winning that counts Just the partaking of the game There are always doors that won't open And ditches too wide to jump Trees without low branches And walls too high to see over We break the surface like dolphins Life giving air being gasped into lungs But with a morbid fascination we dive down Everyone seems to be moving so fast Leaving you choking In the dust cloud left behind them It feels like you raced to the station The train you wanted is heading off in the distance Saving up money for something Only to find it's got more expensive If at first you don't succeed then try, try again There will always be whispers from somewhere Distracting, turning you off course Because you've been left behind Don't fret They can always come back for you © Wob, 1999 Recorded at Lighthouse Studios, Weymouth, by Rick Hammond
St Kilda 03:19
We scribbled miles to each other But face to face we freeze It seems that here in your town It takes a lot to get words out I didn't think it would be quite so difficult But we stumble awkwardly I've wanted to see you for so long Now I'm tongue-tied I want to get drunk with you again So that all the walls come down And we can talk the way we used to Without a care in the world We step around each other Not quite saying what we mean There's so much to tell and so much to hear And so little time I want to drink with you © Wob Recorded at Leyline Studios, London Sept 1997
Slip Away 04:11
The moon comes up outside my window Rising in an autumn sky Silhouettes cast on the street Hide the cracks seen in the light Deeper dark comes on like tide Washes over paints out light Eyes accustom to the gloom Lines just seem to slip away I just want to get away for a while No matter how small the problem Just leave it behind Run find somewhere to hide Wash my hands let obligation slip away Woke this morning claustrophe Had to leave to find some space Have some time on my own Clear my head with cleansing rain Ringing bells still follow me Dusty cobwebs, curtains drawn I want to leave them all behind I just can't seem to slip away Just go for a while won't stay very long Let me be here on my own Pride always comes before a fall Fallen once you don't trust anymore Like scudding clouds across the sky I just want to slip away The brush of darkness holds me fast Shadowed body with a nameless face Evening wind blows through cobwebs Clearing all left by the rain Only the hide and seeking moon Sees my coated fingers now Alright for a while at least Still need some time to slip away Lyrics © Wob, 1999 Recorded at Lighthouse Studios, Weymouth, by Rick Hammond
4 O'Clock 02:46
It's 4 o'clock again The day just raced by The evening's drawing in And I've not done half the things I was supposed to do by now If things carry on this way All the plans I made today I'll have to do tomorrow Lost in the clouds today Too many ideas in my head There was too much going on Couldn't pin down even just one thought To take through to a conclusion Lyrics © Wob, 1999 Recorded at Lighthouse Studios, Weymouth, by Rick Hammond
Unnamed 04:07
This is the place we used to play But it's changed quite a bit around here now Just across the way We hid and sought And dreamt about tomorrow You cannot get there from here now Because there are roads and houses You cannot get there from here now Because we've lost those childhood ways We're cutting, dragging down the progress ladder Money walks and bullshit talks It's all we hear when we're out working It's all we see everywhere we look You cannot get there from this direction You have to take the long way round The walls we put up just hold us in We're not strong enough to pull them down We try to drag ourselves up by the rope That dangles forever out of reach Live our lives so fast it blinds us So we don't expect the things we see You cannot get there from here now Although there's nothing stopping you We didn't burn all of our bridges down Only the important few So don't tell me that it's gone Surely it's only changed The need with which we live out dreams by Got left abandoned on the way Just because we work so hard for The things we feel that we should be Is no reason for us to stop And build the walls so high We build perimeters around ourselves So that no one can get through Listen to those who care for nothing Emulating the things they do But you can still get there from here Should never have tried to leave it behind It was always there with us Was just a little hard to find Lyrics © Wob Recorded live at Kairo, Bremen, Germany; Nov 1998
Going Home 04:05
Dear mother I'm coming home I can't walk anywhere anymore on my own With only half a leg I'm going to find it hard to stand It's going to be a while before I can I feel a bit like a child again With memories as old as time Of someone's life from long ago That no longer feels like mine I've seen dying children Screaming out for death Or someone to hold and love them As they wait patiently Dear father I know you told me to be brave But I saw somebody's severed head yesterday Blank lifeless eyes Staring past me into space All my belief in humanity passed away His face was a mask Of panic, fear and resignation It's funny how it melts away When the spirit leaves How sickly sweet The sticky smell of blood is And how far these helmets can be seen I want to wake from this nightmare now Dear son your daddy's coming back I hope I don't scare you As I'm wheeled through the door You're too young to realise How lucky I am to see you again I'm sorry but you'll be my only child I didn't hear it as it left the mountain side Passed over the valley Beneath the clouds, the sun, the sky I felt the ground shade briefly Before it sent me screaming through the air My mind was racing with thoughts of you And how do you make peace With something that you don't understand To my love if the light goes from your eyes I think I'll understand Because I'm only half the man I was Before I left you behind But I need you now More than I ever have before This war it seems as old as time Being naive I didn't realise That man still practiced genocide Killed children for their father's sides Mutilated, raped, left dying in the streets Women with only pride Left mourning for their families Dignity stolen by their own countrymen Lying in the back of this truck Bouncing down this cratered road I realise I'm glad that I am going home I'm glad I'm coming home Lyrics © Wob Recorded live at Bamberger Amthof, Feldkirchen, Austria; Nov 1998


released January 1, 1999


all rights reserved



Wob Brighton, UK

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