I can't stay long

by Wob

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The Poacher 02:53
Gamekeeper what do you say? Get out of these woods Or it'll be bye byes today But come Friday night I've seen you down The Fox and Hounds Talking to your mates And I've heard you say Come around my place Any time you like I'll turn a blind eye I've seen your wife Down by your house And I've seen her Hanging all your washing out She looks so fat She looks so round It makes me wonder Quite where she got her roundness from Perhaps gamekeeper You're the biggest Poacher of us all Song written by Wob
Legacy 05:07
In the years to come When our children read of us Will they sit back And swell with pride Or will they talk for hours And puzzle at what we've done? Or will they follow in our stride? Will they go on treating their fellow man with hatred? Or will they treat everyone as themselves? Will they love the world And right all of our wrongs? Or will they do as we have done? Because from the river to the sea We poison along the way And turn everything To our advantage There's not much give There's just take And nothing in return What a legacy to be an heir to If the people who lived One thousand years ago Could come back now And see how we've progressed They would be horrified To see what we've done To their green land Our history books and scriptures Tell us how many people died To fight for what is good But when the fighting's over Life goes on just the same So do we really learn From our mistakes? Because there's still Killing and dying And suffering and pain Because someone Can't get on with his neighbour There's not much give There's just take And nothing in return What a legacy to be an heir to Song written by Wob
Sometimes 03:57
Dont' talk to me like that Don't look at me in that way Just because I haven't seen The things you've seen Maybe I take you for granted Think that I know what to do But I need an outsider's point of view Sometimes it's hard to listen To someone in your position You may be right But sometimes I just don't see I want to take control of my life But it's you that has the way Sometimes I might resent it But it's always done for me Because I don't have much belief I don't know which way to go I'm trying to reach for the moon But I can't seem to get past my shoulder Sometimes I feel just like a baby Like I'm just starting out But you've got all the answers How do you do it? I crawl around with nothing Being treated like a fool But it's stopping now Because I'm getting out Because I don't have much belief I don't know which way to go I'm trying to reach for the moon But I can't seem to get past my shoulder Song written by Wob
Cut off Shut out Is this the way it should be? Dancing for sixpence In an ever increasing circle It's getting harder Getting harder every day To get nearer to the light To stop it fading away Lyrics © Wob
Rapunzel 03:34
Rapunzel she looks out From her ivory tower Lowers down her hair To the knight below Hauls him up to her Find out about each other But I know As they hack through This tangled web of thorns Tattered, scratched and torn They find the castle wall Through the maze of hall and door He finds her But I know I know it's all a game For me Cinderella removes her shoes Before she walks through the door She dances, twists and turns Till he can dance no more She leaves her number before she goes She'll return again Rapunzel she looks out From her ivory tower I join her at the window We look out over all of the roofs and bridges Parks and the fields We see the wall of thorns grow up And we know I know it's all the same With me I know it's all the same For me I know Song written by Wob
The wind has blown the rain Across the solitary Catherine For the last time The yellow iron dragons plough the way For the ant like form of men Through the land that once undulated All the way across the south of the British Isles Green flow White scar Grey line Black road Get it together! Song written by Wob
I've sat for years By this river Where the silence Was so full I've sat for years By this river Where the fields They came down to Now there's a concrete bridge going over And a road where the fields they used to be A golf course in the distance And a housing estate Song written by wob
Mole 02:13
Scared So small and scared Brash So tall and loud Open and free Secret and trapped All the time in the world No time at all Strong and so very weak Determined and unsure A soaring tune Blown by the wind An anxious whisper Caught behind a wall You are the spirit Of the great old trees A nervous venturing cub You Are the pounding ocean And you Are the trickling brook Racing clouds Clear blue sky Blazing sun And the pummelling rain Changing but forever remaining the same Silent but so loud Song written by Wob
The house that was never yours Seems so empty now I search through the corners For traces of you The words that were never mine Rattle round in my head Some other place, some other time We'll meet again If only I was a tar I'd make my way to you Working my way across the seas of the world I'd land there in your port Where I'd find you for sure Then I could leave dusty corners behind Somewhere across the sea Is the place that I long to be Somewhere across the sea But not here If I had wings to fly I'd lift me up to the wind And navigate The Garden State To you Take you upon my back And follow the tall ships mast Until we could find Our own place to be Song written by Wob
Mother earth 03:05
When all around there's nothing Yet you know there is so much And everything you believed in is fading away The trees and the fields And your whole life too Just fading into the sea One day the polar ice caps Will come down just for you And take you to a place where you've never seen Deep down below the deep blue sea To a land that's known as hell And pay us for killing mother earth There may be no solution To this world wide pollution But at least we can stop and realise The more we bury deep inside The more we burn our all the skies Makes it less likely to stop this suicide So when your child comes home from school And asks you what you're doing To stop the world from going to it's grave What will you say? Well son, I gave up all the things they said And I guess so did everybody else But the people who said that the governments never listen Were right I'm afraid So concerned were they with who had more power And how much money they could get For their filthy little schemes That they did not listen To those they had employed And the incredible thing is that the powers that be They ignored themselves Song written by Wob
London 02:08
I'm tired Tired of this place Looking out windows Seeing the bricks Touching the sky Waking and finding my face With this hagard look Walking on hot coals Peeling the blisters off One by one But most of all I'm tired of you Song written by Wob
I'm sitting in the place where we sat Just after you told me You'd found somebody new I came here when you told me you loved me This morning And walked out of the room I cried I cried coming here Never before have I felt so much hurt When two people have gone their ways You said that it was months ago But it feels just like yesterday We parted I was sort of alright till you told me You'd slept with him A brave face can fool as many as it wants But it's not guaranteed to fool itself I feel like part of me is empty And part of me is numb And part of me is burning and afraid I wish we'd never made love that last time I can still remember your body all around me I want to erase it No, just shade it over for a while Be gone burning memory I don't want you to feel bad I want you to be happy I hope he's right for you I'm sorry I wasn't what you wanted I wish I was I'm still right next door If you need me I don't think that I'm strong enough To come and tell you when I'm hurting But please come and talk to me Goodbye dear friend I love you And that's the hardest part Song written by Wob


released June 9, 1996


all rights reserved



Wob Brighton, UK

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